Online Payday Loan without Collateral With Light Installments

Online Payday Loan without Collateral With Light Installments

Our Funds Online Payday Loan

Along with technological developments, you can now get loans easily and quickly through the Poleloan online platform. To obtain these services, there are several requirements that must be met, namely having a KTP and being over 18 years old. When you enter the platform, you will be asked to fill in 16 KTP numbers. The goal is to find out your credit history.

So what do you need to prepare before applying for a loan online? Documents that you must include when registering are ID cards and photos of yourself. Meanwhile, to complete the requirements, you must also attach a family card, work certificate, salary slip, domicile letter, and 3 months personal account transactions. To register does not take long, just a few minutes. After that, wait for the results of data verification carried out by the Danakita team. If approved, then direct loans can be disbursed.

Just like other platforms like Uangkita, this online payday loan also has a minimum and maximum ceiling. The amount of the loan starts from 5 to 10 million. So if you need a 5 million loan, it can be submitted here. While the length of the refund period on a fast and easy online payday loan is quite flexible, you can choose yourself from ½ year to 1 year loan.

The flat interest charged annually has a range of 50% to 150% depending on the choice of tenor. With competitive interest that is always the same, it makes it easier for you to make financial arrangements so you can pay installments on time. Tips so that the interest given is not large, you should choose a tenor with a short period of time. But it is returned to your financial capacity so as not to burden the household budget.

Then if you borrow 10 million and then want to speed up repayment, are there additional fees charged? In online payday loans without collateral there is no penalty fee if you want to speed up repayment. The additional fee charged is an administration fee of 5% of the principal loan.

How to Apply for Loans in Our Funds

No need to line up to other banks or financial institutions, because you can borrow 5 million fast online at Poleloan. The method is easy and not complicated, it only takes a few minutes the application can immediately be sent. The stages of applying for loans that you must follow are:

  1. Fill in the form on com, all fields must be complete and valid
  2. Upload the required documents such as KTP, self-portrait, KK, salary slip, and other documents if needed.
  3. Agree to a loan contract, read all information provided before you make an agreement
  4. Wait for the data adjustment time that requires a maximum of two working days, if the application is approved then the funds you need can be immediately disbursed to your private account.
  5. Make payments on time and don’t be late

How to pay loan installments in our funds

Payment of monthly installments can be made by transferring to Danakita’s virtual account through ATM, mobile banking and e-banking. The process is easy and safe and automatically you will get a monthly bill until paid off. Look carefully when the date must pay installments. Because if it gets too late, there will be a fine that is charged every day and this makes the number of installments swell.

Customer Service

To find out what products are offered, please visit the official website or come directly to the main office. You can also send e-mail to if you experience problems during registration. The Indonesian loan service is also partnering with several well-known local banks to provide the best service to its users.


If you ask to borrow 5 million where, now you know the answer. By submitting an application at Danakita, there will be many advantages, including:

  1. Submission of loans online on easy and unsecured terms
  2. The amount of loan funds and tenors is flexible, adjust according to needs
  3. Fast disbursement time, a maximum of two working days
  4. Not subject to repayment penalties if the customer wants to make repayments faster than the specified loan time.

If you want to use this online payday loan service, you must know and consider the following, namely:

  1. High flat interest rates reach 150% per year
  2. Administrative costs 5% of principal loans
  3. The maximum loan amount is 10 million with a maximum tenor of 24 months
  4. Only valid for Jakarta area